Lost Continent Books

Mapping the Terrain of Used and Rare Books


Welcome to the first post!

As a book lover (bibliophile) and collector with an urge for a new project I decided to start this page about the books I love and the places I find them.  As I come across interesting, rare and beautiful books I will document and review them and the places I go looking for them.  I intend this page to be both a journal of my book-life and a resource for others.

The title of the page, Lost Continent, is intended to capture the excitement and mystery I find in books, bookshops, and libraries.  While book hunting in Pennsylvania my brother or I would occasionally happen upon strange occult texts tucked away in moldering corners of unkempt junk shops.  Theses books, often filled with tales of lost continents, hidden powers, and the secret knowledge necessary to uncover them both, filled me with a sense of wonder  and suspicion.  A few weeks later I would find another, from a different authors belonging to a different sect or tradition, that would overlap with and expand upon the mythos of the first.  Each time my brother or I would find one of these strange books we would put some connection together while other questions would blossom.  It became a game, secondary to our primary purpose of uncovering valuable texts for resale.    It was, to us, like patching together fragments of a map of a Lost Continent.

Above all else this page is intended to be a creative outlet, and I go into it with no intentions other than to enjoy myself and present a useful and enjoyable perspective.  I hope that you, dear reader, find it to be these things.




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