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Bookstores of Western Massachusetts

Over the last year I have had wonderful occasion to visit Western Massachusetts for several days at a time, relaxing on the apple farm with my lovely and talented girlfriend … Continue reading

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The First Lite-Brite of the Season.

This post isn’t so much about books as it is about scavenging. I primarily look for books, but there are many other items just as interesting, as a Collector, and … Continue reading

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Modern Swords and Sorcery Part One: From Hyboria to Lankhmar; Enter the Grey Mouser…

Swords and Sorcery – a genre that, in one form or another, threads the entire history of literature; King Arthur, Beowulf, The Arabian Nights, even the Bible, to some extent. … Continue reading

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Progressive Books, Conservative Bookstores

What does politics have to do with books?  Everything. Since before the printing press, paper has carried the ideologies and Utopian dreams of radicals and reactionaries alike.  From monastic treatises … Continue reading

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The Bookstore Map

The Bookstore Map is, much like the rest of this page, both a resource and autobiographical artifact.  It documents the bookstores that we visit and their standout features.  Featured books … Continue reading

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The Siren Song of the Vonnegut Canon

Out of the many authors I have read, the one who has been, without a doubt, the largest and most enduring influence on me as a reader is Kurt Vonnegut. … Continue reading

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