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Back After Much Too Long…. A New Plan….

So, it’s been way too long since either my Brother or myself posted anything on this site. It’s unacceptable.

What I’m going to do is post a series of miniature book reviews – many of which have been posted on Goodreads – in-between brainstorming longer articles. Try to get something fresh on this thing at least every few days, if not more. I hope that somebody (hopefully lots of somebodys) may get exposed to something they haven’t read, or even heard of. I’m going to continue to delve into broader subjects, but the quickie reviews will at least keep the site vitalized inbetween.

Please continue to check us out and PLEASE let us know what you think.



About jansonbriggs

Book collectoe/ dealer, aspiring author, have had poems published in a few small magazines.... I like cats and quiet. I like airplane lift-offs and the new-renewal of wandering (wondering?) around somewhere new. I like solitude. I miss people. Bob Dylan. Running water; still water - I like water. A good sence of humor. Again: A good sense of humor. That's what keeps us sane and human and Kind.

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