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Quickie Review: “Summer Knight” by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files #4)

Another trip with Mr. Harry Dresden. I like how in each book you start to learn more and more about the various supernatural beings that inhabit the world of the Dresden Files; wizards, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and in this volume Faeries. There is definitely a unique mythology forming. But I will say that after reading book four, this book, I started to feel Mr. Butcher was becoming slightly formulaic. While reading I got this little, tiny tang of boredom in the back of my skull. I found myself wanting to skim certain paragraphs or chapters just to get to something I haven’t seen before.

Harry reluctantly takes a case, things get confusing, a friend of his is hurt or captured or killed or something, he fights the big Baddies that are at least partially responsible, hie gets his ass kicked and then using his anger and frustration to focus the magic he needs to either kill the monsters or otherwise escape. He retreats to his apartment, exhausted, and works with Bob to get the right spell together to find the Boss Baddie and save the day. Do those plot points sound familiar to anyone?

Still I’m going to give the author the benefit of the doubt and give this book four stars. I can’t deny it was very entertaining. And like I mentioned earlier, I’m learning more and more about the world’s mythology and Harry’s past. Things have a huge potential to get interesting. Currently I’m about to get into book five. We’ll see how it goes.



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