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The Signed Book Binnacle, pt. 2: An Unacceptable Political Rant

I‘m trying to decide how to organize/ sell/ read/ get rid of all my signed books. Please check back on my first post about this, but again here is a picture of the Signed Book Hoard (and this is just a portion of it):

All Signed

All Signed

So here we go. I just cracked a Pepsi – I wish to hell it was a beer right now – and am about to dive into this shit.

Right off the bat – Who the hell is this guy? Well….  He’s G. William Yngve and wrote a book about dying in Alaska but he obviously did’t die because the book he wrote is subtitled “An Alaskan Crime Story.” And he could not have wrote that book while dead.

G. William Yvgve

G. William Yvgve

At least i don’t think so. He looks like he could be a neat guy to hang out with for a day or two…. But why do I have his signed book?

God, the radio won’t stop playing Taylor Swift songs! How many singles does she have? And all the songs that aren’t Taylor Swift sound like her. What the hell? I used to kind of like her early pop-country songs, but now she’s starting to piss me off; I bet G. William Yngve would gut her and feed her to a seal.

Anyways…. There’s a signed book I just dug out by the author Karen Garver Santorum, and it has a foward by Mother Teresa – and it is worth shit. That might tell you something about society, but think about it yourself. I don’t like to intrude.

I read Richard Laymon novels, so I can’t be preachy. Not judging, just observing.

What’s next? Dare I ask?

Oh, here’s a good one – “Doctor in the House,” by Michael Burgess – “A Physician-turned Congressman Offers His Prescription for Scrapping Obamacare and Saving America’s Medical System…” 

I kind of want to hire someone to assassinate this man because I’m too lame to do it myself. “Obamacare” (ha, shows up on the the spell-check so it’s obviously a real word now) is just another word for HEALTH-CARE – Meaning people caring for your health. The concept has been around and accepted forever! Someone just traded the word “Health” for “Obama” and now its bad to get health. Fucking Hell! Not only does it make me want to shoot myself, but also if my Obama/ Health care was taken away I would not get my anti-depressants or my Diabetes medication. I would become very psychically ill and mentally uncomfortable (to say the least – you think I’m ranting now…..)

Deep breaths. This is about books. But I still want to set that last book on fire and throw it through the window of the Courthouse.

Time to move on. To a good signed book to finish this post out. Something from my own collection – not the Hoard – that does not depress me.


My second favorite novel (#1 is Vonnegut’s Siren’s of Titan”) is “The Cider House Rules” by John Irving. And here is a leatherbound first signed edition. It honestly makes me breathe a little easy. People can be real and normal and HUMAN.

Leather First Edition of

Leather First Edition of “The Cider House Rules,” Easton Press, 1985

Until, until,



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