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Review (Fractured Commentary?): “John Dies at the End,” by David Wong *Spoilers!*

I can’t write this review, I don’t even know why I’m trying. I guess It’s because I liked the damn thing so much. For the past year or so Joe Lansdale has been my personal Weird-Fiction mascot. This book usurped him. I don’t even know where to start. And, anyway, where does the book really start anyway?

John does not die at the end. He dies in the beginning, twice I think. Or supposedly dies. I could be wrong.

Dave dies also. But he doesn’t realize it until he eventually finds his own body which he originally thought was the body of his future girlfriend he feared he murdered in a blackout.

And the dog. And people disappearing. And reappearing. And the monsters. And then a total different situation with its own total weirdness that will, one hundred pages later, connect to the previous weirdness. But still questions. Also the Elder Demon of Total Corruption. And so much more.

I think Fangoria magazine summed it up pretty well with – “…[Depicting] actual soul-sucking lunacy, and succeeding…

Also, it’s fucking funny! I haven’t laughed out loud while reading in a long time.

I haven’t actually been scared by a book in a long time. And I read a lot of horror novels. I’ve been grossed-out, been disturbed, but not really scared until this book. The same one that made me belly laugh to myself in my recliner.

Kudos to David Wong.

This isn’t much of a review, I know that, but I started and now I’m finishing. It will take a couple re-readings, notes, and lots of time to do this book any justice. Like writing a college critical paper. And it would go on for 25 pages. So we will just take this for now, as hasty and substance-less as it is,  and maybe I’ll get back to it.

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Book collectoe/ dealer, aspiring author, have had poems published in a few small magazines.... I like cats and quiet. I like airplane lift-offs and the new-renewal of wandering (wondering?) around somewhere new. I like solitude. I miss people. Bob Dylan. Running water; still water - I like water. A good sence of humor. Again: A good sense of humor. That's what keeps us sane and human and Kind.

2 comments on “Review (Fractured Commentary?): “John Dies at the End,” by David Wong *Spoilers!*

  1. ryandejonghe
    September 1, 2015

    Can’t say I’ve been scared by a book in a long time, either. The cover caught my eye and brought me to your review. Looks like something worth looking into. Thank you!

    • jansonbriggs
      September 1, 2015

      I seriously recommend it…. Like I said it’s hilarious, but also freakishly disorienting. Check it out and let me know what you think. I’m glad I helped to turn someone onto something good. Take care! Alex (PS I just read the sequel and may be writing something about it soon…. keep looking back.)

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