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Review: “The Midnight Room,” by Ed Gorman

A better than average novel of suspense. The thing here is that I have heard very, very high-praise for Mr. Gorman. And like I said this novel was simply better than average. I enjoyed it, read it very quickly – a “page-turner,” as they say – and left satisfied. But not unusually impressed or intrigued.

It’s a tight book that combines many of the tropes of the genre. It is emotional, dark, human, and hard to put down. But that could be said about any number of crime/ detective novels. I really don’t want to sit here and prattle on about Mike Connelly novels all day. (Though I might do one sometime, just for fun…. That man can write a damn decent crime-procedural.)

I would absolutely recommend it for fans of the genre. But it does not come close to the “Man, you HAVE to read this! Fucking trust me! Just read it! Don’t ask questions; just prepare to have your mind blown!” list.

Every reader worth his/ her salt has a list like that.

Those are the books I like to review. Books that have the potential, or the hype to at least come close to someone’s list.

Anyway. Mr. Gorman has many books and this is my first. I’m totally going to pick up another one, as I had much fun with this one – hopefully I’ll hit some of the gold I’ve heard so much about in this man’s writing.



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