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The Signed Book Binnacle Pt.3: Mystery Writers and Jam Bands – To Be Continued

Okay, okay, yeah…. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve written about my signed books.

But, it seems, some people like me to write about my signed books. So I want to do it again – as always – I am doing it.

I haven’t dealt much with the books since the last “Signed Book Binnacle (Pt. 2)”….. So here we go – I am tired and wired at the same time and just as unsure what is going to go onto this page as you are. It’s like live Barefisted Blindfolded Cage Cave Wrestling Match

The Signed Book Hoard. Part of It.

The Signed Book Hoard. Part of It.

for a Bibliophile! And if you don’t want to add me just for making that statement up there is something wrong with you.

I guess, after I put on some music, we’ll get down to it. Some early “Blues Traveler.” Anyone with anything snarky to say about that choice can please just shut up. … (any qualms before the album “4””.)

Sell them, the books, that’s the only and final solution, as far as I can see. Not all of them. But small lots of them a bit at a time and keep the good shit left underneath. I’m going to go dig.

That took me all four and a half minutes to skim five off the top. “Something Wicked in the Air,” “Speak Ill of the Dead,” Blood and Bone,”and “Tail of the Scorpion.”* All signed.

Should I put these on EBay as a lot?

“Five Signed Mystery Novels, Rare….” Plus additional description.

This was a short Biblio Cage Match. Over all too soon. But I know it just gets harder. As She wisely said.

I‘d really like suggestions. Or if anyone knows one of these books is good let me know. I just have such a huge library that I can’t keep all this, though I want to. And, hell, just five books out of the hoard will be replaced soon. Talk to me, ya’ll!

*Authors, respectively – Welk, Maffini, Camacho, Davis the 3rd


(It may be too fast, but I might release another one of these tonight as I go on, I’m getting on a roll!)


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