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Review: “Child of Rage,” by Jim Thompson

Catcher in the Rye, meets American Psycho, meets The Autobiography of Malcolm X…. Written in the early 70’s by a dying white-dude stoned on whiskey. If that isn’t Rock and Roll, what is?

The book offends any and all Political Sensibilities: Race, Sex, Religion…. I guess those are the main three. But it offends them so innocently, so honestly, so brutally, that there is a huge forgiveness to be made for the author, Jim Thompson. He does not have an agenda and does not give a flying fuck if you think he does or not.

Look at this man:


Don’t you just want to shake his hand? Shake out a cigarette and take a shot with him? He can write horrible truths that no man short of some evil Russian philosopher should know about and then die alone, but still hold onto a smile like that until the end. If someone like this isn’t a Saint, in his own way, I don’t know who is.

When he goes on about race he’s really talking about ostracism; he’s making the bold move of using such a touchy subject to explore the Human Condition. And when he goes on about God? The same thing. And when he – an alcoholic. atheistic, white man – combines race, and sex, and God into a slightly rambling pornographic paperback that made little or no money?

Genius! The man wanted to say what he had to say. And, as you can see in the picture, he is laughing his way to Hell.

A place he may or may not have believed in.

Read it yourself!



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