Lost Continent Books

Mapping the Terrain of Used and Rare Books

About Us

This page is based on a simple fact: We love books and the places they live.  Dry encyclopedias to fiery manifestos, magnificent libraries to musty flea markets, we are driven to seek out books which spark our imaginations.  Not just to read them, but document, buy, sell, preserve, trade, touch, and give them.  We want to share this part of our lives with others who share our love and those who want to learn more.  This page is intended to be both a journal of the books in our life as well as a resource for bibliophiles and book hunters.

So, why do we find books important?  Books contain thought, mediated through language and image.  Authors, editors and publishers invest themselves in a process that results in a product at once standardized and unique.  Standardized in the sense that a book is a ubiquitous and pervasive item which people understand and commonly engage with.  Unique in that their contents, design and intent vary as widely as the people who create and consume them.   An accessible, standard format that can carry an infinite number of messages and experiences.  We have read widely and discovered authors who have enriched our understanding of life and ourselves, taught us useful skills, made us laugh and cry, and mindlessly entertained us.  Like the people who write them books can be friends, teachers, and mentors.  They start discussions and when shared build communities and spread ideas where they might never otherwise take root.  Without books in our lives we would be distinctly poorer, both economically and intellectually, and my walls would lack the color and content they have now.

We want to share the pleasure books bring me in both their form and content and explore the systems that produce and distribute them.  Through this page we hope to do just that, and maybe meet a few folks in the process.

This blog is the brainchild of two brothers, Alexander and Daniel Budris.  Born in Western Pennsylvania in the 1980’s we gallivanted across the countryside in search of used and rare books to both collect and resale.  Now, with Dan in the Greater Boston area and Alexander in Pennsylvania, we are reuniting our adventures under the umbrella of Lost Continent Books.

Dan BudrisDan Budris (b. 1987) particularly appreciates progressive political non-fiction, graphic novels, occult and metaphysical texts, and art photography.  In his free time he likes to cook, garden, and put a little effort into this blog.

Alex profile pictureAlex Budris (b.1983) Is an avid book collector, book seller, and writer. He has spent time in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado, and Peru. He is being sporadically published in Small Magazines and hopes to continue to see his work in print.  Additionally he loves cigarettes and cats.


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